Career Guidance and Transition Services

Career Guidance and Transition Services

A fee for service on personalized career planning and employment services for work permit holders or applicants who are unemployed but not eligible in any of our free programs for youth. This is also a good outplacement/transition package for companies who wanted to provide outplacement assistance as part of their severance package for their laid off employees.

Information and Registration

Presentation of the services to clients via phone or email contact

One-on-one Consultation Sessions

  1. Initial meeting and registration for the services
  2. Individualized needs assessment assistance
  3. Identifying suitable and feasible career options
  4. Assistance on skills upgrading or enhancement of present skills
  5. Provide information on areas of interests and /or concern like EI, CPP, CERB, other government benefits, financial, personal and job related issues that may greatly affect job prospecting or skills upgrading

May be provided via phone, email or video call

In person consultation is only available if permitted in compliance with government guidelines on social/physical distancing after Covid-19 community quarantine

Career Workshop Sessions

Group or One-on-one workshops on Job Search Strategies and Labour Market information, developing skill-based training opportunities and sourcing of available training funding, online job searching and proper submission of job application

Job search and placement assistance

Development or updating of Resume and Cover Letters
Individualized assistance on online job search
Preparation of portfolio and Job Interview Pointers

Continuous support

Continuous support to clients in identifying realistic career options such as career change, retraining or self-employment and assistance in handling job search challenges